Monday, December 7, 2015

Altamont, TN!

December 7, 2015

HEY! I got moved to Altamont Tennessee. It's like Livingston but
smaller and more trees! TREES!
I'm here with Elder hunsaker. He is good. He likes studio c so..he's cool.
We have a ward! It's really neat and the members feed us a lot. A lot.
We do a lot more less active work here. We are trying to get more
investigators to teach. We did have a baptism yesterday! Elder Smith
and Elder Powell and Mickey came from Livingston to do it. Elder Smith
was the one baptizing her. He was pretty funny. I guess she had a
really hard name to pronounce and he had a hard time doing it. He also
was about to dunk her and he never said amen. So right before she hit
the water he's like AMEN! He got it on the first try so right on! It
was so good to see Mickey and the Livingston elders again. I wish I
could somehow merge all these areas into one. I don't know.
We were at a members house for dinner and this big old hillbilly came
in and tried to bash with us. He is like, is old Joe Smith your hero?
And I answered back, yes he is! It was cool. He kinda stopped. Well It
wasn't really a bash..I don't. know what it was but it was weird.
There is a lot of church history here! I guess this is were all the
Mormons settled in Tennessee. There are a few old lds church buildings
here and one is from 1909. It's the oldest church building in the
south apparently. It was cool and I rung the church bell. Yeah!
We got to watch Ephraims rescue and 17 miracles. Those are really good
movies. Love them!
We got to go to the McMinnville nativity they were doing. They had
nativity scenes from all over the world! Including Charlie Brown ones!
That was fun to go to and see. I guess we were supposed to have an
investigator with us...but there was one! We invited someone earlier
and they totally showed up! So we weren't in trouble! Yay!
Well, I need to go, but I love you all. Keep up the good work and do
good things. Merry Christmas!
Elder Weight
Northcutts Chapel- Altamont, TN

McMinnville, TN - Nativities