Sunday, October 9, 2016

Morgantown district meeting.

September 19, 2016

Chapter 60: Service is Best

Hey Y'all!

So let me tell ya what has happened in the last little bit. We went on exchanges and Elder Larsen from Morgantown came down. We had some fun and did some work. Got to go to Morgantown for district meeting and see the Kentucky gang. Those guys are awesome. We did a huge load of service. We went to Patricias house and she was sick but we changed our clothes at her house and cleaned her gutters. We got to go on the roof so yeah. We also went later to help pull out some trees in a members yard. That was tough. Those trees were mean suckers. But we were dirty and bleeding in the end so that means we did it right. We also signed up next week to do some logging for a member later on so I will let y'all know about that. The best stuff was later on in the week. We helped out with the emergency preparedness fair that happened at the church. We got to help out the kids. We built miniature whiteboards and bowling alleys. I got to use a hammer so I was happy. We also talked to the cops that were set up there and they asked us a bunch about the church and they said the police department might invite us over to the station one day and feed us some barbecue. We had a really cool experience with how to begin teaching this week. We were tracting in the evening and we went up to this open door. We knocked and the woman inside was Pretty irritated. She was trying to get us to leave but as we started to ask about what was up and establishing our purpose, we got in and had an awesome conversation and she ended up with a book of Mormon. It was cool to see that even people that come off as mean or rude are really cool people if they snap out of it.

It was funny because at the end she predicted what our futures would contain. She said after my mission I would go and raise some Cain but settle down after and become a successful business man. She said I had a wild look in my eye. Haha. Well I want to write more but this week seems like a huge blur. I can barely remember my own name. Thank goodness I have a name tag. All I can say is I am grateful to be a missionary. Even if I screw up a lot while being one, at least I am a missionary. I have the opportunity to do something that only so few people can do. Love this church. It changes lives.

Keep on keepin on,

Sure love ya,

Elder Weight

I made the best hamburger today I have ever eaten. It is a step up from my grilled cheese burger. It's a 1/3 pound burger with mozzarella, bbq sauce, onion rings, bacon, and chili between two grilled cheese sandwiches. It was way good.
The best burger ever!

Okay, the weirdest thing I've eaten on my mission...kangaroo jerky

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