Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 8, 2016

Hey! Sorry for the late email. We spent the day up at greeter falls again. I had to take Elder Overfield.
This week we had a good week. We found a lot of new people and are continuing to work with the ones we already found. I think I will share a story from this week. During the week we ran into antis or people that had quite the wore spot for the church. One lesson we had with this woman, here friend came in and sat down and she got kinda riled up and she said, I don't want to hear nothin bout your Joseph Smith and book of Mormon. Then her friend agreed and was like yeah, what do you guys want? I mean do you really need us in your church? You guys already have donnie and marrie Osmond! That was funny. But what we did is we bore what we KNEW  and held dearly to our hearts and the lesson ended. They kindly led us out. 

We had another situation that was actually kinda creepy. We went to this house because our GPS took us there. As we walk up to the door this man comes out and says come on in,it's cold out there! We were confused because usually we fight our way in the door. The wife was sitting there and we made ourselves comfy. We then start talking and we talk about the book of Mormon. I could feel something wasn't right. The wife left the room and came back with some book and flipped through it and kept glancing at the pages. I sat quietly observing. Elder Overfield was talking to them and they were twisting his words so carefully and cleverly that they were missing with his head and trying to trip him up but the weird part was they were doing it so politely. I then said we had to go and we made a hasty exit. I told Elder Overfield that they had an anti book and we're messing with us. They were almost acting out a play in front of us. They were terrible actors by the way. But it was creepy. It annoyed me. I mean why would anyone go to such great lengths to do something like that. Especially tear down a church that only does good? Oh yeah maybe because it's the TURE CHRUCH! Like seriously. Why else would people do that. 

On a brighter note we were able to attend the temple again! I haven't been in so long it feels that I forgot a lot about what happens. It was really a great moment to rest from the troubles of the world and step out of the world into a blissful paradise. 

Other then that it's been working. Elder Overfield got really excited this week because he was able to help a member fix his pick up. He is super into that. All in all we have had a great week. Sorry for the short notice but I was able to get this out. Love yall! Love to hear from ya also. Keep fighting on.

Elder Weight

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