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The original Jack-Jack the Lumber Jack.  Cutting wood in Winchester...

Week 30-February 22, 2016

This is a grand occasion. This marks my thirtieth email sent beginning from week one! This is a historic landmark in the history of the Tennessee Nashville Mission. I will do something special for it.

Hey, hey, people of the world, how are ya'll doin today? My week was good. It was probably the fastest week of the mission so far! Let me give yall the run down...

Okay. First off we got transfer news and Elder Overfield and I are both staying in Altamont. Not super surprised with this news. In fact, most of our district is staying the same. We are only getting one new Elder. It's cool because Elder Overfield knows the new guy. I guess he was in his home stake. Small world huh?

Monday was pretty slow... Our pday was mainly spent watching these church history dvds Elder Overfield was sent. But they were documentaries. And these were really really monotone and slow we had a good nap. Later we went out with one member for supper. We went out to Mexican. I asked for the hottest hot sauce they had. It wasn't that hot. It left a lot to be desired. Regardless, it was delightful. The rest of the week has been really good as well. I wasn't in Altamont for most of it though. We had an exchange with the winchester elders. I got to go with Elder Cushing who is. Spanish missionary. As in he speaks it. There area is kind of rough. Hey are really trying but they hardly teach anyone. It just seems like they can never catch anyone at a good time. That has got to be frustrating. The lessons Elder Cushing and I did have though we're really good ones. The Lord certainly knows who is ready and who isn't. They have some of the strongest investigators I've seen. That somewhat ties into the main lesson I have learned this week. Sometimes as missionaries we feel like we need to be exact. In fact we are counseled ( at least in my mission) to be exactly obedient. Have you ever tried doing that? It's far from easy. Somebody in that situation can become overwhelmed by it all. We have a final goal in mind of perfection. Yet we sometimes beat up on ourselves when we are not perfect in the moment where it seems like it matters most. A good friend asked me this question. 

"In your minds eye, what do you think perfect means to you?" I answered, I guess somebody who does what there supposed to. She responded, "somewhat. Perfect to the Lord is the very best you can do today. You can't be perfect and God doesn't expect you to be...he wants you to do your best. That's it. End of story. Your gonna screw up but that's why we have the atonement. It's like state Farm, it's got you covered. Always and forever. That's the great lesson I have learned. Tony Horton said it best. Do your best, forget the rest. It's true. So don't freak! God knows what your situation is. He understands you! All he wants is your best. And that's all you can do. 

Aside from these things, we had a week that is good enough for the books. Whatever that means. I love yall. Let me know if I can do anything for ya. Keep it real and party on dudes.

Elder Weight

petting a deer
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