Monday, March 14, 2016

February 29, 2016

Chapter 31 Handguns and Nailguns

Hey! How are all y'all? Hope you have had a week that is one to remember for many good years. In a 
good way too. Our week here in Altamont was pretty good. Towards the beginning of the week we really 
struggled to catch people home. The same thing after the next. Comeback later, come back later, 
come back later. Every now and then we got a go away. But we did what we could do and that was our 
very best. And of course we trusted in the Lord. And do you know what? We ended up getting 26 total 
lessons! That is truly a record. A pure example of relying on the help of he Lord and his promises and 
having Him prove to us that he always follows through.
We had some interesting experiences that took place this week. The first is when we went tracting 
and we were walking up to this woman's house. She comes out and Elder Overfield is like, hey do you 
know who we are? And she said, No do you know who I am? We said no. She was hiding her hands 
behind the door and acting really weird. We then said we were the missionaries and she said, oh okay, 
and then you could hear her unload her handgun! Dizzy face. We looked at each other and we're likeDizzy face. She 
then said she worked for the sheriff's department and had to go to work and couldn't talk. We then go 
further down the road and she hops into her charger and turns the music all the way up, as loud as it can 
go and she peels out of her driveway and all we hear is "life in the fast lane!" Super...interesting. 
We are closing in on our people who are close to baptism. They are so close, I can feel it in my gut. 
Glen is an older guy whose wife is a member and he wants to be a member so he can be with her 
forever and Megan just got married to a member and wants to be taught more. They are both super 
comfortable with the church and the members and come regularly, the only thing they need to do now is 
get baptized! We are going to have really lessons with them this week. Let you know more on that later. 

Other then that we really did service. We are working with a less active trying to get him to come. He is 
building a new house for him and his wife. We spent the majority of Saturday putting he ceiling up. 
It was just plywood but it was quite the job. It was fun though. I wouldn't mind doing it again. He said he 
might just have to come back to repay us for helping him. Haha.  
Well I love y'all. Let me know what I can do for ya. Y'all be careful,

Elder Weight

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