Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Elder Weight with the District Leader and Elder Richins
September 7, 2015

Sorry for the late email. I hope it gets through before 6. We went to Nashville with a member family to the zoo! It was cool there. One boy, Avery, got a deal were he got a cup and could go back and get unlimited icees. He had a good 11 or 12... Yeah, he is going to be in the bathroom the whole time. Such good food...at this rate my mom won't even recognize me when I get home. Elder Richins keeps boasting about how he has lost weight. That's because he has this disorder where he losses a ton of weight if he doesn't eat so basically he has the metabolism of superman. Me on the other hand...it's my name. I'm kinda stuck with it. Anyway this has been a hard workin week. We have been really slamming down on the real deal mission work. Tuesday was trainer/trainee meeting. That was a neat experience. I got to see all of the people I knew from the MTC who came out with me there. It's crazy how fast and how much they learned in a little more than a month. In the end there was an intense game of jeopardy. We won. Later in the week Elder Richins was a little sick with more migraines. Elder Richins makes a horrible patient while I am the doctor and call around and get help for him. Anyway the week has been full of more and more walking. We tracked houses that were at least a mile and a quarter away from each other. We had dogs run full on barking at us and we thought we were going to die! They were nice though and they let us pet them. This one dog followed us back to our car for about 2-3 miles. Good times. Our investigators, Betty and James, are soooo close to being baptized!!!! They are having a difficult time trying to quit. The ward knows and is trying to help every way they can. Pew did have to push back there baptism date because they couldn't stop in time. They are such great people! They act as if they were members already. They are super nice to us and James says all the time that he feels like we are his brothers. I know that for sure the spirit is the converter, not the missionaries. Sure the missionaries play a big role, but the spirit is the main one.

Fred on the other hand isn't doing so well. Health wise he is improving, but he has been going to his friend's church. The same guy who anti-ed us. He still likes it when we come over but when we talk about the church he acts like he is sick or tired and goes and lays down. We have been trying really hard with him. He is really tough to teach, because he has a super hard time to retain things. We love him still and that's all we really can do. I thank you for your testimonies and love to here from everybody! Thanks for all your prayers and for your support. I thank you for prayers, kind words, everything! Hope everything is alright with yal.

See you next week! Elder Weight

Mickey Ledbetter being fabulous!
dog chasing us...

Fred's house

trying to get Fred's car started

You don't see this in Arizona!
Sister Huddleston
President Huddleston

Heading to the Nashville Zoo on P-day with some members

Nashville Zoo

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