Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The garden to this super fancy house we found!

Branch Council Meeting
 September 28, 2015

               This week was absolutely golden!!  We had exchanges with he zone
leaders. I went up to Cookeville with Elder McDonald. He is a stud. He
is from South Africa and has a cool accent.  I wonder what it would be
like to have one so I could sound super cool. Anyway we found the
coolest guy named John. He was a worker working on an old house. We
knocked on the door and was incredibly interested in what we were
sharing. He really wanted to know and I could tell by two things. One,
he actually said that, and two, he was super eager to get all kinds of
scriptures and pamphlets from us so he could read them. Can you
say...AMAZING!?! Good times up there.

               What made this week so fantastic was our investigator KayTee.
We went over to his home again this time to teach him the plan of salvation.
That was one of the most powerful lessons imaginable! Every time I opened
my mouth I almost cried! He almost did too! The spirit was incredibly
strong in that home at that that time. And the best part was everything we
taught him made sense to him! Yes! He shared some pretty amazing stuff
with us that only confirmed what we taught him was correct. We invited him to
church the next day but he said that his church was having an all week revival
and that he played the piano for them and couldn't miss. (I was shocked to think
that such a gangster looking guy played the piano so beautifully.)  We said that
we would come to his church with him. After a few hours of getting lost and going
to the middle of nowhere and back a few times we finally found the smallest 
church ever! They only had seven people there. I loved it because it was a
church she they say their hallelujahs and praise the Lords! Yes! I have fulfilled a
life long dream! Now to find a church with a gospel choir... During the sermon
the preachers mom went up and taught us. She shared with us her joy box. It was
filled with pieces of paper and on them was written things that she had done or
things people had done to her that gave her joy. Also little things people have
given her. She said that when she felt downtrodden by Satan she would
bust out her box and remember how kind a I'd has been to her either
through other people or good things she did herself. It always made the bad
go away. ( She also had a ton of chocolate in her box) later on Elder Richie
goes up and starts talking about trials and why bad things happen to good
people.  It was very good. He got a few amens and praise the lords on his
little sermon. I thought it was funny.  After church KayTee came up to us and
asked if he could come to church the next day. I guess he changed his mind
and I was okay with that. Yesterday was fast Sunday because of General
Conference. After a bunch of people vote their testimony, he wanted to go and
bare his.  I nearly had a happy conniption. It was hard trying to get him up there
because he had to try to beat a few people to the front. One of the negatives for
sitting in the back. When he got up there he borrowed from my testimony I have.
I talked about Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon and how he had angels
and visions. When we pay we most likely will not have angels come to us but
we still can know truth by the Holy Ghost.  He says that he did have angels
come to him. He said that we are his angels and we can and knocked
on his front door and spoke to him. He shared how we found him and
how he knew that was his sign just for him....😧 Smiling face with heart-shaped eyesLoudly crying faceOH MY GOSH! THIS IS 
AMAZING!!!! God is truly merciful to us. He helped us find KayTee and helped
him come closer to God. Truly golden.

               I learned this week that If you are humble and willing, God will help you.
Especially if it is doing his work or knowing truth. I also learned one thing
while fasting. That is to not worry about what doesn't matter and focus
on what does. My advice, do those things. It is crazy how fast time goes by.
It feels like I have been here a long time and short time at the same time.
Crazy. If you got a trouble, pray and let Him fix ya. That's all for this week

love yal

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