Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015
Seriously! We're has everybody gone! This week has been super rough on
us. What I mean by that is very time we tried to go to somebody's
house, no. Body. Was. Home.... We went all over the world it seems and
not one person answered the door. Sister Cooper passed away this week.
We went to her viewing. It was a strange moment. To see her there but
not alive. It was like she was here but not at the same time. I was
telling Mickey and Elder Richins it felt like she was sitting on top
of the lid of her casket and was smiling and waving to everyone who
came to see her. We were not able to attend her actual funeral because
we had zone meeting the next day which went very well. We did have A
CRAZY MIRACULOUS EVEN TAKE PLACE!!!! We went up to Byrdstown and had a
fair referral for a Kaycee Trice. We went to the door and the most
gangster looking African American guy came out. We said we had a fair
referral with his name on it. But he said he never went to any fair...
He invited us in and he told us how he used to be in a gang and what
not. He used to be a hard core bible thumper and how he had a thirst
for knowledge. He read the Koran and the Book of Mormon and all sorts
of books. We began talking about were the Book came from and explained
Joseph Smith. When we told him about Joseph there were tears in his
eyes. We asked him how he felt and he said it felt good! We were like
"what do you mean?" He said take a look at this, I am feeling
uncomfortable about my church. There are things I don't agree with. I
am tryin to fix my life around and get back into church stuff again.
Then you guys come. You knock on my door. Not across the street, not
my neighbors, mine! You had a referral thing but I never filled one
out, you called me by name and wanted to share this good message with
me. There is a greater work going on here and I think that is a sign."
I thought I was going to faint after that. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!! HOW
OFTEN DOES THAT HAPPEN!!! NEVER!! NEVER I SAY!!!! that just goes to
show that God is good. When it seems unlikely that is usually when
something good is coming. We didn't teach many lessons but the ones we
did were priceless. I have learned one solid thing this week. God is
good and he will provide a way. We also got to go to a baptist church
this week. I was a little upset because there was nobody shouting
hallelujahs but it was still pretty interesting. Everyone was super
nice. Even the pastor. Again, if our church was that friendly everyone
would flock to it. It is nice already, but I'm talking even more nice.
Crazy friendly. Good times... Anyway, it is time to go, converse with
you all next week.
Elder Weight~
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so he is in the singles ward, the rm and Moroni in the Book of Mormon?
here is a lion.

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