Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving with the Huddlestons and Mickey-November 26, 2015


November 23, 2015

Hey everybody, good to talk again!
This week seemed like a lot of work. And I mean work work...physical.
We started off our week with an exchange with the Elders in Lafayette.
They just opened up that area as the Lafayette area so the elders are
pretty new there. Me and Elder Delange spent most of our time tracting
houses trying to find a person to teach. After running into what
seemed an infinity of Baptist missionaries that weren't interested, we
finally found this woman who was walking to her mailbox. We pinned
her down and the Elders now have a new potential investigator! That
calls for a triumphant hoorah! We also saw their potential investigator
and we spent the whole time talking about the Church's new change
about kids not being baptized until 18 with gay parents and so on.
While I was there we discovered a "secret room" in the apartment aka
the attic. For some reason Elder Delange got really excited over the
Once I got back to Livingston I found out that Elder Powell and Wood
just drove tractors everywhere and hauled dirt for service... It's
more fun then it sounds.
This week we are scraping the bottom of the bucket with miles. So we
finally rode our bikes! We didn't get more then 100 feet away from the
trailer when Elder Powell's bike blew up on him. I turned around and his
brakes exploded and his handlebars flew off...we then went back and
jumped in the car. He then got his bike fixed and later that evening
we went off on our bikes again. These hills are murder! I had to get
off and walk my bike. I think I walked my bike more then ride it! We
then went down this really jerky road and tracked. Everyone was in a
'tude on that street or something. We would walk up to people's houses
and before we would even get on the porch they would tell us to go
away. People would drive by and laugh and flip the birdie to us. It
stunk...but then I remembered the scripture in Doctrine and
...And if they persecute you, so persecuted they the prophets and
righteous men that were before you. For all this there is a reward in
So I laughed at them and said thanks to them in my head and went on my
merry way.
The next day I had a real sore rump because of that bike seat. That
was fun. Like Elder Calhoun says, with all this bike riding my rear
end has become quite beautiful...(Keep working on that Dutch Elder.)
(T.M.I.)(You have to watch the Best Two Years to get this one.)
We then got to do more work for Andrew and we cemented the cinder
blocks in place and began setting beams on the blocks for the ramp.
Good hard work. We then got to see people with Mickey. One of our
investigators said no when we invited him to church. We were
like...huh? No!? He said yup, I don't have a reason I just don't want we left the house I said well that was really weird, but then
I realized that he didn't close the door and watched us leave. I think
he may have heard me. My advice is keep your mouth shut before you get
in the car. Face with open mouth and cold sweat
Thanksgiving should be good, more about that next week.
Other than that it has been another good old week here in Livingston.
I hope all of yours was good and I hope you are ready to give thanks.
Keep smiling, keep laughing and keep out of jail. Love yuns!
Elder Weight~
( It's almost nog season!)

How rednecks attach a GPS to their bikes. (Gotta love tape!)

Elder Delange and his smolder face

people on are strange.

No this is not what I do all day.


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