Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 2, 2015
What is happening my fellows? I hope all is well with yal. This week
was a pretty solid week. Our main focus is cleaning our Areabook.
About half the people in it we don't even know! Not to mention some
haven't been taught for a year or more! So yes, we are keeping busy
here. Member involvement has increased once he ward council found out
that each department head is to provide at least one member to go with
us every week. And usually when members go with us they feed us.
Double win!  We have been able to meet many amazing people. Hopefully
they will be baptized and come to church.
Me and Elder Powell are trying our best to get along. He has this
strange obsession with fajitas... He makes hem in bulk and then
freezes them. He cooked a whole pan of onions and my eyes were burning
from. The back room. I come out and see him.. He looked like he sat
through a chickflick. We cracking the door open and tried to air out
the house. This cat kept trying to get in the house because it wanted
food and could smell it. We kept pushing it away. Then at one point it
ran in the house and hid behind the couch and I tried to kick it out.
That was an adventure. But after all that our house still stinks like
a burning onion patch.
This week we have been trying to focus more on our work as
missionaries. For some reason everything that we are either not
supposed to do or have seems to be just that much more fun now...funny
how that works. God is good. He helps you out when you screw up and he
even helps you forget about the stuff back home. Ask for help and he
is there.
For one pday we went to muddy pond which is the Mennonite community.
They have a leather store! It was heaven...okay not really but it was
still cool. I had he idea of making a leather tie. Me and Elder Powell
got stuff to do it. We wore them to district meeting and now everyone
wants one! We went back today and got more stuff to make more. It is
really cheap too!
This is what you do when you are bored as a missionary.
The strangest part of the week was Halloween day. If I was at home I
would be at parties and having a blast and eating candy. My first
missionary Halloween consisted of cleaning up this husband and wife's
front yard that was just littered with trash EVERYWERE. It was wild.
We found some rotten dog food that was soaking in water and it was the
most awful smell you ever put your nose to. You could smell it from
the other side of the house! That night we needed to be in by six
unless we had a ward activity to go to. We went to the church and had
a mini gathering and people wore their costumes. Elder Powell and I
swapped name tags. A classic. It was a weird feeling doing and being
somewhere different. But that is life. Change makes you better. You
learn from it, and after all this whole time on earth is a learning
experience. It is good for you! As the Travelocity gnome says, "go out
and smell he roses!"
Love you all! God bless,
Elder Weight~

This is there toilet for amish people!
oh my....


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