Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 26, 2015

I love Mickey!!!!

This week has been delightfully hard. I got a new companion Elder
Powell. He is a good kid. We got a brand new Toyota. A bright red one. Its Leading an area is pretty crazy. Much more work than I
imagined. The first few days were very hard because I was pretty much
making the plans and doing the driving because Elder Powell didn't
know who or what or were anything was, but after a lot of prayer I got
through it. We met with KayTee and boy that was an intense lesson. The
way he was asking us questions was as if he was giving us a final exam
before he kicked us out and and told us not to come back. Mickey was
there and he shared his story of how he almost committed suicide  UT
the elders knocked on his door and basically saved him and when they
taught him he knew the church was true. KayTee sat there and asked the
big question. "Imagine a dart board and every church threw a dart at
the board. Some are way off and some hit it close. Do you believe that
the church of Jesus Christ is the exact center. The big red
bullseye.?..." After a long pause he exclaimed. Yes KayTee I do. From
what I have learned and feel, the church is true. After that his whole
attitude changed. He went back to how he usually acts, at ease and
well...normal. When Mickey said that, the spirit flooded the room and
I couldn't help but tear up. I thought of job much faith he had. He
has been a member for 3 or 4 years and I have been in it my whole
life! He is strong and firm. Nothing can shake him. That is how I want
to be. Another day we come back from a long meeting. We both have a
dark feeling to leave our house and go. We went to the church. Mickey
was there printing the programs for Sunday. He talked with us and said
that he was glad we listened. He then left. We go out to he car and I
realized that my bag and iPad got locked in the library. We call
Mickey and he comes back with ice cream for each of us. He said that
he knew we we had a bad day so he wanted to make it better. I don't
know if he will ever understand what he means not just to me but to
everyone. I thought about what makes someone do these kind of things.
It is the love of Christ. If we truly love Christ then we show it to
others. May we all have this love. Then we can all be like him...and
Mickey. The best mission leader ever. I also have learned a great
lesson. The talk I have seemed to use the most this week is from this
conference. Living a Christ centered life. I thought about what was
holding me back. I thought, we'll I'm doing good what I should right?
Praying reading churching. What's missing. Little things get in the
way. We each need to choose one side. Good or bad. No in the middle.
He things that hold us back are the little things like phones,
friends, games, food, infatuation, popular TV shows. In the end we are
accountable. Do we want to say we were kept from being our best
because of one of these tiny things? Sounds harsh but unfortunately
true. I learned this the hard way. We cannot do our best if we are not
in it all the way. I have a talk I want to send later. It best
explains what I mean.
I love you all and hope that your week has been merry and filled with
delight. If not, see what you can do to fix it. Love you.
Elder Weight


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