Sunday, November 22, 2015

Weight and Powell

Conference with Elder Zwick!

November 16, 2015
Hey mates! What's going on? This week has been rather busy. We had a
zone meeting and Elder Zwick came to see us! That was fantastic. He
talked about purifying ourselves from the world and doing things that
bring us closer to God and invite the spirit. It was cool. I shook his
hand and now I never will wash it..  His wife that came with him was
amazing! She talked about her son Scotty that was disabled and
couldn't serve a mission because of his disability. The Zwick had to
go to Thailand for some business Their son was serving there and he
almost finished his mission and they asked if they could pick him up
from it. The mission president was like, sure! But I want to meet Scotty. 
I have heard so much about him and he sounds amazing! When the
missing president met him he learned of Scotty's intense desire to
serve a mission even though he couldn't...the mission president set
apart Scotty as a full time missionary and made him companions with
his brother for a few weeks until he was done. The whole time they
were there they prayed for some special person to teach. They were in
the bus on day and heard people speaking English! The brother said
this one is yours Scotty! Go get them! He went over to the young
couple and and sat next to them. He said to them, "I have been praying
for you! Take this book, it will make you really happy." They took it!
Once they got home a few months went by...Hey got a phone call one day
and it was the people who Scotty gave the book of Mormon to. They
called and said that when they heard when someone was praying for them
they where touched...and they called to tell Scotty that they were
baptized a few months ago...
Isn't that amazing! I love that story.
We also had stake conference his week. That was pretty funny. We tried
to broadcast it from Cookeville to Livingston with our redneckaneering
skills. It worked actually! It was cool seeing conference in another
place besides home. It makes you grateful for what you have I
guess.Half way through the broadcast when he stake president was
talking it picked up some radio station and all you hear is  some lady
talking about Miley Cyrus with her new album or something bizarre like
that. It was awesome though. The talks that were given were inspired
I'm sure. I loved it all in all. My favorite was when sister Andersen
got up and talked about how there are no coincidences. He sisters
called her and asked if she would come out with them. She was happy to
go but she was late because of car repairs. She called them back and
said hey I'm going to be late. The sisters laughed and said, oh we
thought we called the other sister Andersen in our ward... Sister
Andersen was like, we'll I can go back if you don't need me, but they
invited her anyway. They had AMAZING lessons! She was able to testify
to them about the gospel. She new she was the sister Andersen that
needed to be there. Later on hey had a mission conference later to go
to and they went on a flight. They sat next to this lady and and
talked. She said she was going back to Tennessee because she lived
there. She said she new who they where and said, actually I met a
mission president earlier, except he was the Knoxville president. No
coincidences! None, zero Nada.
When it had come to teaching we have been steadily and slowly doing
better. It is a test of patience I am sure but I know that if we do
our best then God will see our efforts and do his part also. We did
get to do service and build a wheelchair ramp for this one man because
we keep trying to offer service. That was fun! We got to drive a
tractor. That's a first for me. We spent the whole time though chipping
mortar of cinder blocks. I felt like I was making the salt lake temple
or something. It was cool! Service works.
I know his email is short but my love for you all isn't. I love each
and every one of you and you bless me. Thanks! Keep doin your best and
if you need anything,no am an email away.
Love ya!
Elder Weight~

Me eating a sandwich over the trash. Classy

he Livingston sword!! In all its glory!


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