Sunday, July 10, 2016

Stone Door State Park

These people had a caged up coon on their front porch.

June 27, 2016

Chapter 48:  Trial of Faith

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I have come here today to give you this report of our week. 

This week was pretty trying. Trying as in our faith was tested quite abit. I will explain.
Monday and Tuesday were pretty slow. Monday night was alright I'd say. We taught Glen again. But Tuesday was hard. We went back to Tracey City and it was rough. At the food bank we talked to this guy a little bit and he was into what we were saying but then we pulled the book of Mormon out and he freaked. He was wondering if we were brainwashed or something. Agh. We tried going back to all our new Investigators and not a single one was home. We taught one lesson in Tracey and that was it. We then went to Monteagle and saw a few people. Tracked both cities and got nothin. But in the end we were able to do some good. 
Wednesday we went to McMinnville for district meeting. I got to see Elder 'Big O' Overfield train. It was a good meeting. Afterwards we got bashed by this 90 year old lady and her grandson. We believe it was her preacher. But it was cool. Elder Majzer was mad and just stood up in the middle of the guy preaching at us and shook their hands and said thank you have a nice day and walked out the front door. Haha. 
We had quite the scare at the end of the week. We found out one of our baptism dates is living with a guy now and that she smokes, not good. But the scariest thing was Audrey called us on the phone and told us to meet her in town. She sounded serious. She shows up and she is like, okay guys we aren't here to talk about the book of Mormon. What was up with you at my party? We're you guys okay? 
She was worried about us because last Sunday we went to a party with a member at her house and she had food for days there. We had just eaten at the members home like five minutes ago. So we were far from hungry. I tried to eat a little and Elder Majzer and our member couldn't. We then had to leave early to take our member back. I guess because we didn't eat the whole buffet table her and her family got offended. But we cleared it up and they understand. Man only here in the south do you get In trouble for not eating a ton. So wired. But that was scary because we thought we were gonna get dropped. 
But things turned around at church. We had stake conference and we had ward council with the stake presidency and that was nerve damaging. But we had lots of less actives come and Audrey finally came back and brought her boy and her nephew! And they both loved it. We also had a super spiritual lesson with Audrey after church and a legendary Altamont potluck! 
On a side note I have finally figured out why I am now fat. It is because the members here feed to kill. And grease is the main ingredient. I have a strong impression that I will drop Weight once I leave. Which is always good. 

Well this week i have realized I have become a broken record. I have heard people say that they wish they learned their scripture mastery and now I am repeating it. So kids learn your scriptures! I have grown a love for the scriptures. The book of Mormon is way awesome. The Bible is sweet. It is way cool stuff. Read it love it and study it. 

That's all I have to say this week. I sure do love y'all. I've gotta go. 
Remember, do your best, forgot the rest.

Sure love ya,

Elder Weight

My drawing of Jesus.  I promise it looks better in person.

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