Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Greeter Falls

Greeter Falls.  It was pretty wimpy today.

Glen was baptized today!

 Elder Overfield is on the left ( loved that he could come back for it!), Glen, and Elder Majzer and me on the bottom.

June 20, 2016

Chapter 47:  Here, There and Just About Everywhere!

This week was so huge there's not even room for a clever intro!

Monday we went to Greeter Falls. Elder Majzer never did get the chance to go. The waterfall was pretty weak because it hasn't rained in awhile. The first time was the best. That's usually how it goes. People where swimming to and going crazy so it wasn't as peaceful. Later Monday night we saw Glen and Terri really quick and we high tailed it to Monteagle for our blitz with Jasper and Winchester. I got to go down with my Winchester buds. Tuesday was a rough day during the morning. Tracked in the heat which wasn't so bad but the sweat was. It was nice because it rained on us halfway through. But later in the evening we had a member exchange and I took off with Elder McFarland to visit a girl named Danielle. This would have been her third visit. As I walked into the home the spirit was present but gradually grew and hit me like a ton of bricks! This girl shared her amazing story of her life and her struggle to find God and be right with him. She repeated to us many times how she felt different, but right around us. She kept on saying 'right' as in everything about us meeting and what we were saying was right. We taught the plan of salvation but went off on a spiritual tangent when we reached the part of the lesson talking about the atonement. She began to tear up and said she knew that was true. This whole time I was shocked. I never had a lesson like this before in my life. But the best part was yet to come. The member we had with us for some reason kept mentioning baptism. Baptism baptism baptism. Over and over! So I thought about it and I showed Elder McFarland the calendar. I said how about July 16th? He whole heartedly agreed. As we invited she said, yes that is what I need. That is what's missing. Of course I would. 
From this lesson I learned two things. 
1st - God will and is preparing his children to receive this gospel message.
2nd - don't be afraid to talk about baptism.
Wednesday we had district meeting which is always good. I hen got to head off to Pikeville with Elder Neyman on another exchange. I feel for those guys. Pikeville is like Altamonts brother. But the issue is their area is in a major gospel drought. As in nobody is interested. But we had an awesome time. Still did some great work. 
Friday we had to head up to Nashville because I had to meet with a mission doctor but on the way home we saw some really cool stuff like the Parthenon in Centennial Park. It's bigger on the inside then you think. But we had some real good food as well that day. But the best part of the whole week was seeing Glen baptized on Saturday. He was just so happy to have this day finally come. It seems like everything went the way we had planned it too. I know God had a hand on that one. It was real good also to see Elder Overfield again. I am just so happy I can't put it into words. I remember when I first came out I had a goal of finding somebody and teaching them and seeing them be baptized. Just one person. I have been able to see this with Glen now. My goal is full filed, now it's time to exceed it. 
I am happy I have had this chance to write again. I am enjoying my final days in Altamont. My suspicions are that I will leave finally at the end of this transfer which is in two weeks. I have been here for a total of 7 months. If I stay I will be very shocked. 
Love y'all, take care and remember who you are and what you stand for.

Sure love ya, so does Jesus 

Elder Weight

Upper Falls
Blue Hole
Some gnarly big spiders...
Elder Majzer and me

"It is impossible for us to fail as we give our best and as we are in the service of the Lord."-M. Russell Ballard
The Parthenon in Nashville

Had to get me some chicken and waffles!

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