Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My before and after pics of my hair. I'm a whole lot faster on my bike cuz I don't have any hair being a windbreaker.

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April 25, 2016

Chapter 39: The Days Go By‏ 
Hey! It's been awhile,'s been awhile. (Haha)

This week was the usual, start out slow and pick up towards the end. 
The begging of our week consisted of an exchange which we had with the Winchester elders. Because of transfers a little while ago we have two new elders in the District. Elders McFarland and Blackburn. Elder McFarland has been out three months and Elder Blackburn has three months left! Why I bring this up is because Elder Overfield went with McFarland in Altamont and I got to go down to Winchester with Elder Davis. We had great experiences while being down there. Following the exchange we had a good district meeting about our purpose as missionaries and using the scriptures in our lessons. What made this week challenging is that fact that we ran out of miles....again. So it's back on our trusty old bikes again. Woo-hoo! Elder Overfield went to the dollar store and got a basket and some zip ties and attached it to his bike. He was like, I don't care if people laugh, it makes it so I don't have to carry this dumb man purse! Besides, we already look dumb anyway, I mean we are riding bikes in white shirts and ties. It proved to be helpful actually. I might even do it. We will see. The best part of the week was the week end. Saturday we went up to help Audrie finally fix her pickup. It was an adventure just finding tools! Her husband had all the stuff we needed but it was thrown around in their junk trailer behind their house. After finally getting all the stuff together we got to work on it. We got about halfway through it though. We got the driveline and the transfer case out of it. Now we just gotta yank the transmission put and put it all back together. We really wanted Audrie to come to church this week and she said she would do what she could to be there. Then on Sunday she came! It was really cool. She actually stayed for the whole three hours of church. We had quit the testimony meeting. The message that I think I really got from it was thus simple but profound statement. If we but learn to trust God, everything will be okay. 
That simple statement has a lot of truth behind it. We get so caught up and dejected...we just have to trust God and not freak out! Just calm down, relax and just go, just do. Everything will be alright. I know that.

Anyway, Audrie really liked church and hopefully she will comeback again! 
So that was our week! It was a good one I must say. Megan's baptism is coming up. She is supposed to be interviewed by the zone leaders this next week. Hopefully she can "pass the test." Haha. We are really close with Glen. The whole bishopric is like come Glen! That font isn't getting any warmer! We just got to teach him the rest. He really wants to be baptized and that is amazing. 
Alright everyone, I luv ya and hope y'all take it easy.

Elder Weight

Grilled cheese man, it's dang good.

We never did get the name of these people so they are in our Areabook with the temporary name of Nasty House People.  


This is Drew. We are teaching him, Travis is the guy at the door. He is Bishops bro.

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