Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Me and the presidency

McTown zone represent!

Some things never die.#thebeach ( me and Elder Richins at the mission home)

June 6, 2016

Chapter 45:  A Week's Worth of Adventures

This week has so much stuff crammed into it it was unreal! To make this easy to comprehend I will do it by days of the week.

Monday: Monday was pretty mellow actually. I spent the day trying to finish up painting the bathroom. Man I forgot how much I dislike painting. Got most of it done though so cool cool.

Tuesday: Tuesday we had MLC so the day consisted of driving all over the state of Tennessee. We loaded up at about six and made it to Shelbyville to meet up with the STLs. We then carpooled from there all the way to Brentwood (Nashville). We got to get mission home early. We waited and watched all my buds walk in. Got to see alot of people that I came out with there. But I got to see Elder Richins for the last time. His whole zone is being taken over by the Knoxville mission so we loose a good chunk of the mission. Last time I will get to see a lot of friends I made at the beginning. Hopefully I'll still be able to see ya, Mickey. Anyway we had a lot of awesome trainings. We learned new things, spirit was strong, they fed us breakfast and dinner, hey, what more can you ask for? After a long day of spiritual overdrive we got on the road back to home but we had Elder Danielson with us(AP) so it made for a tight squeeze in the back of the sisters Carolla. We stopped and ate a Chinese buffet in Tullahoma. It wasn't good. You know it's not good food when you say" I've had worse" while your eating it. You shouldn't have to say that in any restaurant! Anyway we talked to the girl that worked there and got a referral for the Tullahoma elders. We got home at 9 so we planned and went to sleep.

Wednesday: We had interviews with President Andersen one final time. That took up the whole morning. It was cool because president and sister Andersen signed my poster. I sure will miss them. But at about 12 we had three elders with us instead of me and Elder majzer. We had Elder Danielson and Winchester elders. Their ride didn't come til 4 so we went on a blitz. Elder majzer and Davis went to teach Audrey and me and Elder Danielson and McFarland went on an adventure that ultimately led to me having to use the bathroom at a service station because of the Chinese buffet the night before. Then we sent the winchester elders on their way and went to stake correlation. All in all the day flew by.

Thursday: we had our zone meeting. All the trainings were real good. Mine was on faith. It went good I think. Everyone said I went Baptist for a little but but hey as long as I got the point across. Right after zone meeting I ventured down to McMinnville with Elder Barrus for another exchange. McMinnville was huge to me. Even though it only has 13,000 people it's still big compared to 1,500 in Altamont. We bashed with alot of people there who were mainly old guys. But we did have some good lessons in the end. 

Friday: Weekly planning. Then we went to go visit people. Finally! Made up for lost time figuring the week. 

Saturday: Our one real day of pure work. Alot of people weren't home which is ironic.  Best part of the day was teaching Glen. He is so ready to do this thing! Pray he gets feeling well so he can be baptized! 12 more days! Heat lesson was awesome. We let the spirit take over and by the end they were in tears. Not by anything we said but because of the strong testimony his wife had. Her saying she new it was true touched everyone in that room. I couldn't ask for a better lesson.

Sunday: Church. Spent most of the time training our new ward mission leader. He is gonna be on top of things. Yes! Not many people at church this week. Not sure what happened. We did have James and Ruby Hobbs come again so Woo-hoo! We spent most of the day with Brent visiting all sorts of people. 

Boy did we get worked! The week flew by so fast it's not funny. That quote is right when it says the greatest secret to missionary work is work. When you've got your head in the game and not off in the sidelines it makes the time go by fast but more importantly it's more enjoyable. I believe the most profound thing I have learned this week has been this. Sometimes when we try and share the gospel with people we have this mindset that if we don't share it we are their in your hope and if we fail they will be cast into outer darkness. But that's not the case. God will give them many chances to here it. Everybody will. While being a missionary to all is a commandment it should be drudgery. It's a privilege. We should be happy doing it. As we share what makes us truly happy we can see others share jn that joy. That should be want gives us joy, seeing others happy. I know that as we freely give of our time to share God will freely gives blessings to us. I know it and u have seen it. Give it a try. You never know what could happen because of a good deed done today.

Sure love ya,

Elder Weight


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  1. Adam, You inspire me everyday with your experiences and comments. It is saints like you that bring people back to the Lords church. I no this from my own experiences in life. You our a special young man and your work will not stop on this mission. Our Heavenly Father has Great plans for you in this life and in the here after as well. We all love you, Adam. Your Auntie Lisa Taylor