Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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Just a few gifts from my loved ones. Thanks to all who have given me some kind of offering. Blessings for you!

My latest desk decoration. Señior Piñata

 May 16, 2016

Chapter 42: McMinnville Zone Uprising‏

(I ran out of cleaver openingsSmiling face with open mouth and cold sweat)

Life in the country is treating us kindly. The assistants and the president want our area to be the model area for the rest of the zone so much of our focus has been put in that. We have had an outstanding week! I'm going to give y'all the rundown for what happened.

not much happened Monday during the day. We did go out and visit a few individuals in the evening. We also began our exchange with the Assistants that evening. I had the famous Elder Roney come all the way from Nashville to stay a day at the bustling metropolis of Altamont. Smirking face he had a freak out but eventually got over it.

we began the day with serving at the food bank. Elder Roney wanted to wear our shirts and ties so I went along with it. This one lady thought we were cops and freaked for a little but our ward mission leader told her who we were. A lot of tracting and finding that day. Found a few really good folk. Solid day for the most part. Booyah!

Back to back exchange with the McMinnville elders. Got to go to their district meeting and see Elder Overfield again. That kids a hoot haha. Later I got to go to Bojangles for the first time. It's way good and not the last time I'll be headin' back. I took Elder Beckett back to Altamont with me. He is a swell guy. The day consisted of a lot of finding and tracting. We did go to Audreys and fix on her pickup more with bishop. I never thought I would be under a pickup with a bishop working on it while I was on my mission. Not at all. We did have a great talk with Audrey and she said she'd be at church! She is mainly worried about her daughter because she is autistic but bishop told her it's no big deal so she relaxed a little. 

Took Elder Beckett on another adventure in the country. More tracting and finding. The best part was contacting an awesome referral from an investigator we got. She has some family trouble going on but we caught her at a less actives house and taught her there. She said she'd read the book of Mormon! Booyah!

Friday the 13th...Weekly planning... Weekly planning gets less and less painful as you go. We took a member out and saw a good sum of folks. Our mission nurse tried to give us a surprise inspection of our house but we weren't there. We got new mattresses and we set the old ones out by the front porch to haul them to the city dump. She calls us and was really upset because she thought it was trashy looking and said our landlord would be mad to see that. What's funny is he has twice as many mattresses in his front yard. But regardless we will respect her wishes Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes.

More finding and tracting in the morning. Got some God potentials and are going g back this week. Today was less active day. We saw Don Campbell again and James and his wife Ruby. These guys are like our best friends because we have worked with them so much. Don has come to church  the week before which was the first time in over 30 years! We are hoping James and his wife would come to. One day...

Today was the ultimate day of awesomeness! We had the craziest lineup of people at church! Don came back and second time! We also had Audrey come back too! The craziest part is we had Roni Jones and Robin Smartt and his wife come to church! They are our investigators that were members a long time ago. It's been probably longer for both of them then Don since they went to church. Probably over 40 years! But they came! And guess who else came to..James and Ruby came! Now that blew my mind! All our friends came after years and years of waiting. That made my day and my week! All that work working with these guys finally paid off and boy to see them walk through that door, it was worth it. What a blessing it is to be able to finally see the fruit of mine and many others labors. Truly the best birthday present ever. Yeah today was my birthday. I'm 19 now. Woo-hoo! I feel old. Anyway later we had our meeting in Monteagle again. Only Scott came. He told us that he felt that our church was true and he wanted to be baptized. We told him we would help him work on getting to that point. We will see what happens. I love Scott. He is an amazing man. 

So that was our week! Filled with miracles big and small. Lots of faith building experiences and chances to trust in God. Yeah bad stuff happens but what we need to do is focus on the good. Yeah some okay and bad stuff happened this week but hey, it's no big deal. After a lot of reflection I have come to the conclusion. A mission is hard...but I'm glad I came. There's the misconception that the mission is the time to put everything you know to action and give it your all. But what we forget is that at the same time it is a learning experience for us to grow. So is life. Don't freak it if you don't get it right the first time. What matters is that you try your best. Do your best forget the rest. Haha. Well I love y'all. Take it easy and git 'er dun. 

Best regards,

Elder Weight

Created by my sister Allison.

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