Wednesday, June 1, 2016

This moth was huge! It was seriously bigger then my hand.

May 2, 2016
Chapter 40:  An Unexpected Change!

Hey y'all!

This week was quite the week I must say. We talked to Audrey this week and asked what she thought of church. She said she liked it a lot, but was confused. She was like, when everybody was up there testifying, it seemed like all the guys were crying especially Elder Weight, what was up with that?Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat we told her that is was an effect of the spirit, that sometimes people get emotional when they share things that are really personal to them. She understood that part. She has never seen that before. But for the most part she enjoyed it and said she was gonna try to come back again! We haven't gone back to finish her pickup yet, we are going to have to do it soon before Elder Overfield leaves.

Yes it's sad but true. Elder Overfield is being transferred to Manchester. Why you ask? We let me tell you.  Saturday morning we got a call from President. He asked to talk to me and I asked what he was calling for. He said with the McMinnville stake splitting the current zone leaders are going to split. One will go to McMinnville and the other will stay in Cookeville. He said that he had asked Elder Richins to be the new Cookeville zone leader and that he wanted me to be the McMinnville zone leader. Neutral FaceFlushed face😟Face screaming in fear. The whole time I was thinking, president I sure hope you prayed about that one. Haha. But this is gonna be sweet! The part I like is Altamont is becoming the new zone leaders area and I get to stay! But the part I'm sad about is I'm loosing Elder Overfield. I really am gonna miss that guy. Good times, good times. 
So this weekend we had stake conference. Saturday night was really neat. I got to see all my old buds from Livingston there! I saw Mickey and the Cobianponces and my trainer. I really liked the session because it was all about faith. The seventy explained a story about him having to dry the dishes. He was told in primary that if you had faith as big as a mustard seeds you could move mountains. He said that he went into the other room and prayed that the dishes would be gone. He came back and found that they were still there. So he said, we'll that scripture is wrong. Then he was on his mission and in zone conference the mission president said, if you have but the faith as big as a mustard seeds you can move mountains. The seventy was like ha that's false doctrine president I've already tried that. But the president said that faith without action on our part isn't faith. We just have to go and do. I know that is true. When we go and do things for the Lord those are acts of faith. When we act with faith we grow our faith to knowledge. 
Sunday was good too. I got to the the rest of the Cobianponces and Sister Huddleston! That was awesome. Later we were having a lesson with this one lady and it was super spiritual and then this guy came out and up yelled at us to leave. It was super random. But hey we did our job. Also we get blessings for that so no big deal. Haha.

Hey I just want y'all to know that I love yuns. I know this church is the true church and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Read the book of Mormon!! Do it! I know as you do your life will be better for sure. I know that. I really do.

I must go but Keep lovin, keep prayin, take it easy y'all. 

Elder Weight


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