Wednesday, June 22, 2016

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June 13, 2016

Subject: Chapter 46: Livin La Vida Espiritual

Hey howdy hey! 

This week was pretty cool. Good stuff happened here, there and everywhere. 

To start the week off we had exchanges with one of the district leaders in our zone. They are both Spanish speaking. I was able to take Elder Bayles back to Altamont and do our thing. saw Glen and Terri again. This time we talked a great deal about the baptism itself and also about his goal to take Terri to the temple. He is super giddy about the 18th. He just wants to be a member already. I love Glen. It's people like Glen that make the rough times of missionary work worth it. Tuesday was a pretty tough day. Tracey City is not showing to many fruits yet if you catch my drift. (Nobody wants to listen.) Spent half the day there and didn't have to much luck. Our one real investigator we have there was real sick and couldn't have us come. Agh! We tried our luck in Monteagle and had better luck down there. We had a lesson that made me want to pull my hair out to a degree. We have been teaching Blake and he knows a ton about everything. So when we would tell him a single principle he would over complicate it. So when we tried to explain things as simply as humanly possible he told us we needed to make it more simple. Again, agh! That moment when you try to explain something so easy and they still don't get it. But in the end he finally did get it. Thank heavens. Later we got to eat dinner at the ward mission leaders house and train him a little bit more. Wednesday we went to Shelbyville to take back Elder Bayles and go to their district meeting. It was about planning and goal setting. Very good. Later went to Wendy's. Always good. After that we saw Audrey. We were worried because her date is coming up and she hasn't been taught everything still and she hasn't been keeping all her commitments. Also Amber, our other date wasn't either. We were pretty worried about them but it changed around. I'll tell you in a second.  After an eventful Thursday of going back to a lady who speaks in tongues and seeing Glen once more, we come to the weekend. Friday we saw Audrey at the local service station. She had read the chapter we had left her and it made sense to her and she was planning on reading more later! Yes! She also was planning on coming to church the next week again to! Yes again! But the craziest part was with Amber. Bro and Sis. Fults bro her to church again and there was a little girls baptism right afterwards. We went to it to see what she thought. After the baptism, her first comment was " it's not as deep as I thought it was." But after we had a lesson at the Fults home with amber there and she said she was ready and wanted to move the baptism to an earlier date😮😯Astonished face😧. That's a first. As much as we wanted to agree we told her that first there are some things we need to teach you and things we need you to do before hand. She agreed and said she'd leave the date for now. She committed to finish the lessons and read the book of Mormon and pray. She said she made a point to do it every night for an hour. Holy cow! I think the spirit hit her on the head like a sack of hammers or something! She 180'd after the baptism. She wasn't really going anywhere before hand and now she wants it bad! Long story short, if possible, take investigators to baptisms! 

So after that long email I hope you enjoyed, I just want to say one word...
Magical. Indeed this week was magical. We can recount the Many blessings God's giving to us this week. Thank you Lord. Amen hallelujah. Well I should also have plenty of things to write about his coming week. Our calendar is stacked with events. 
To close I will offer this simple testimony and quote from the prophet.

"There is no tomorrow (or yesterday) to remember if we don't do something today..."-President Thomas S. Monson 

I agree. I testify that this church and mainly gospel can change lives and attitudes and people. I have been blessed to see the change in many who at first were nothing more to me then random strangers but have become some of my dearest friends and heroes. God changes people. He does every day. We can always change for the better. I know this to be true. I remember all y'all and pray for ya. Hope y'all can feel the love. 
Keep it classy, keep it real,

Sure love ya,

Elder Weight


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