Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 18, 2016

Chapter 38:  Mechanicin' 101

What up my bruddahs and sissdahs!!!!!!!!

I hope y'all are having a fine and dandy start to your week. Can you believe this weather? It's getting way nice. I'd take hot over freezing cold any day. If there was a way I could get a box of Arizona heat in the mail that would be sweet. I'd save that for those cruel winter days. Apparently they do snow in a can. They send it to missionaries that serve in places that don't get snow. You crack it open and it starts snowing. 

Anyway let me tell you about this week.

This week was pretty mellow, at least throughout the main part of the week. The coolest part was this right here. We have this boy that we have been talking to. He is pretty young actually. We have been teaching him and also inviting him out to the Thursday night basketball. On the way home from basketball on Thursday night, we were talking to him in the car and we were asking if he had read any of the book of Mormon. He said he has and he really was getting into it. We asked what he thought of Joseph Smith and he said, ya know, I really think it's true. I believe he had that vision like you said. After that me and Elder Overfield just look at each other and we're like Face Without MouthFlushed face, did he really just say that!? It was really neat. We encouraged him to keep reading and praying. 
What really happened that was major was we went to help our investigator Audrie put a new transmission in her pickup. So we head down to Monteagle and we find her pickup out behind the shop with flat tires all grown over with poison ivy. So we ran to the truck stop with her husband to get some tow straps and snapped them trying to haul it out from behind. So we cleared a path to tow it by the front which involved breaking holes in an old boat and...well anyway we never to to the transmission but we did get to ride in the beastiest Cummins so it was all good. 
Other then that it was a sweet week. Hopefully here is more stuff next week to tell. But hey, remember Jesus, he is your friend. Let him help ya.

Sure love y'all. 

Take it easy

 Elder Weight

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