Sunday, April 24, 2016



Elder Overfield with a member's goats

An outhouse

April 4, 2016

Chapter 36:  Conference


How are all you beautiful people doing on this fine day? 

Let me tell you about the week. This week we only had to bike for the first couple days.  Later on we finally got the car back. This week was general conference. So many good talks as always. You pay attention a whole lot more (at least I do) when you go to the church to watch it. As missionaries a general conference week is hard because that takes two of your proselyting days. But thanks to the Lord we were still able to  reach our goal of 21 lessons. Woo-hoo! I don't have,I have to say in this email except share my testimony with y'all. I love this church with everything I've got. I didn't start that way though. I had to figure it out for myself if all this stuff I've been taught as a kid is true. The key is the book of Mormon. Just like President Monson said, if you've not read the book of Mormon...READ IT! Those simple answers you hear every day, read and pray. Don't over look or underestimate that! Do it. And if you have, do it again! I promise that blessings will come. Also look at the latest conference talks! 

Today we went golfing and it was quite the experience. 

Well I gotta go. Love ya! 

Elder Weight

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