Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fixin Trucks

March 14, 2016

Chapter 33:  Demoted

Hey y'all. Hope yuns had a great week!

This week I was able to go to Jasper on an exchange. The fun that too place there was plentiful. We were able to teach quite a few lessons there. I even got to go to Alabama and teach a lesson there since Jasper is so close to the border. While we were there we were showing this crazy video of elder holland on the gospel library. It's called testimony of the Book of Mormon. It is crazy! He lays it all out on the table and states it plain. Look it up. It's cool stuff!. 

We be had a really great lesson with one of our most potential investigators. She is a mom with two kids and the one girl is really autistic. She s trying to get into a church that fits her family and she described alittle bit of her ideal church and it really is this one! W met her before and she said she really liked what we told her. Weave back and she said that she has been having nightmares and in those nightmares she is told not to talk to us. She says that that right there means that this has to to be right. She wants to talk more.i am very grateful for his woman. It seems like the more we endure to the end with being obedient and teaching the people we already have found, more new investigators with a true and sincere desire to learn the gospel come to us and we begin to teach them. We are truly working hard here. God sees that and he is trusting us with these people to teach.

We got our pickup taken! It wasn't 50,000 and it was time to be retired. So we got a 2014 Jeep Compass. It's a good little car with 4x4. It just sits really low. At least it feels like it after being in the truck. 

We are all very excited to meet Elder Bednar this Saturday. I will try and get a picture with him. Haha. 

Sorry for the short email, we are pretty busy today. But I love y'all and hope life treats ya great.

Keep on trucking
Get 'er dun.

 Elder Weight

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