Sunday, April 24, 2016

The District

April 11, 2016

Chapter 37:  Operation Satan Storm

What up my brothers and Sisters! 

This week was fantastic! 

Monday: we went golfing down in Jasper. It was pretty fun. That sport can get frustrating. I think by the end I have ended the game with a score over 100... 
It was good times though. Something that we will definitely remember.

Tuesday: we went on exchanges with the zone leaders. I got to go to Cookeville again. It's been awhile since I've been there. I haven't been there last since I've been in Livingston. Man I miss that place. As we drove I saw so many sings that said Livingston is this way. Made me wanna go back. We got to teach some amazing people there. Here was this one guy and his girlfriend we taught there. She was talking to the missionaries and he was a less active. It was cool because we got to set a date with the girl for her to be baptized. Then we got to talk to the guy about all sorts of stuff. He was excited when he got to show us all his cool stuff he had. Haha it was pretty good. 

Wednesday: this day was our last district meeting for the transfer. It was very powerful. We had trainings on how to teach people and not lessons and how to make the most of studies. The spirit was there man. One of the best meetings we have had in a long time. We then went over to Walker's and got the zone leaders walker burgers. They are gonna have to ride bikes for weeks to recover from that one!

Thursday: This was one of the coolest days this week! We got to teach Megan and her husband Dalton. They are the married couple where he's a member but she's not. We've been going over there for awhile and we finally set a date for her baptism on may 7th! She's almost there, she just needs to read the book of Mormon with and without Dalton and pray about it some more. They both are on fire. Dalton is working on becoming an elder and he is really pumped for that one. After all this hard work the fruit is starting to show on the trees! We then had our Thursday night basketball and had a ton of people show up to that. Half weren't members! We got to go and pick up a boy we were teaching and he loved it and wanted to come back! Booyah!

Friday: After struggling through an intense weekly planning session we got to venture out into some of the deep woods of Grundy County. We found a ton of super nice log cabins but they were for vacations and nobody was there. Unfortunately not much went down Friday but we were able to get in and see a couple of folks.

Saturday: We went our members, Brent and Betty to go out to Gruetli-laager again and catch Andrea because we really wanted her to attend church. We show up and she was gone. We then head down the road and this other girl we have been teaching was gone too. Shoot. We then went back towards town and taught Drew who we have been working on a lot. He wanted to come to church but wasn't able to get there. It was a tough day. But like Elder Holland says, we get credit for trying.

Sunday: It started off with a letdown. We went with a member to pick up four people for church and nobody was able to go. Bummer man. But we had one if the best testimony meetings I have ever seen. So many people got up and shared what they knew was true. That always makes the spirit flood in. We got a chance to talk with the bishop and he said that Glen could definitely get baptised in the coming month! Oh yeah, I don't know if I mentioned it or not but Glen had a heart attack and went to Vanderbilt to have a quadruple bypass. He is doing great now and we got to visit him at home yesterday. He is cracking jokes and being funny as usual. He seemed completely normal. That's awesome how fast he is recovering. He said he wants to read the book of Mormon but can't because he can barely see it. His wife offered to read it to him and he liked that very much. They are in fire!

So that was what our week consisted of. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that transfer calls on Saturday and...........wait for it.........

I'm staying! 

So I can get to say for the baptism! Well I love you all. Please take care and may God bless you. Also don't be ashamed in what you believe. Be proud to be a saint. 
Y'all be careful

Elder Weight

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