Saturday, April 2, 2016

Northcut Chapel in Altamont, TN with President and Sister Andersen

March 25, 2016

Chapter 35:  I Love the Rain!

Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!

Have you heard the news? The Lord Jesus is risen just like he said. He triumphed over death and over his enemies. 

This week was for sure a faith building experience. A while back we had to switch out our car because it had too many miles on it. So when we got the new car, the elders that had it before us used almost all of their allowed miles for the month. So we had the privilege of riding our bikes. Woo-hoo! It was...well... I felt like a real missionary. Let me tell you that Tennessee is not designed for fat people riding bikes. Hills everywhere. The first day was good. We were actually able to teach quite a few people. That was a miracle in itself because all my experiences on bikes have consisted of rude people. We didn't really have that so yeah! 

The day after which was Thursday was not so fun. We left the house and it was cloudy and we were happy because it's been heating up. But five minutes after we leave, it just downpours. And I mean it really poured. We biked about 8 hours that day in the rain. It was pretty miserable no lie. We were not just drenched, we were straight swimming in our shirt and ties. We stepped into this one families home and they got us towels to stand on and we were dripping the whole time. Did we want to go home? I'm...YEAH! BUT! We didn't. We stayed with it and just kept going. And you know what? We had five lessons that day. The record for lessons I've had a day on bikes. God didn't leave us out there to get soaked. He was right there with us. One of my favorite sayings is from Elder Holland which says, "When your rejected, when your cast out, or Spit upon or mocked and made a hiss and a byword, know that in those moments you are standing shoulder to shoulder with the best life this world has ever known." I like to believe biking in the rain is included some were in that statement....
The rest of the week got easier on the bikes though. Turns out the thing that hurts the most is your rear from sittin' on that seat all day. 

Easter Sunday was super sweet! Our ward went down to the old Northcutts Cove Chapel and had their service there. I'm amazed that more then a hundred people could fit in that building. That church is more then a hundred years old! It was like reliving history.  It was cool because the bishoprick talked to us. The second counselor gets up and shouts hallelujah! Jesus is Lord! Haha, I'm totally gonna do that for my homecoming talk. It was an excellent meeting all about Christ. We even had President and Sister Andersen come to it! Very good very good.

We got invited to our Bishops parents house for Dinner. They have got an enormous family! Elder Overfield and I sat on the swing outside and had a good conversation with Madison. She has autism. She's a funny girl. Later that day we set out on our bikes again. We got to our less active we were going to see and we talked a good while. After we got out of the house, it dumped again. We were getting soaked all the way up the road to visit another less active. Along. The way, the guy we just saw and Bishops parents come up in their vehicles and ask if we needed a ride. We said no because we were almost there but we kinda wish we said yes after we get there and find that she wasn't home. It was okay because we talked to her daughter who is also less active. 

On the way back, bishop picked us up and we went to visit an elder couple that has been members for ages and we gave them blessings. That is definitely where we needed to be that day. We also went to see Glen. Apparently had open heart surgery and had a quadruple bypass. We went to go check up on him and he is doing great! He surgery on Wednesday and is already home and pretty active! He's crazy! I'd be down forever. But we had prayer with him and that was the end of our Easter. This Easter was very different then the most I've had. I got to spend it serving Jesus. How many people can say that? Not everyone gets to bike in the rain on eater for Jesus. I'm thankful for what little ways I can serve my lord. Even if it's small, nothing is too small to him. 

I love y'all and pray ya do well. Y'all are powerful people and I've got faith in ya. Be good and love your life.

Take it easy and write me always.

 Elder Weight

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