Saturday, April 2, 2016

Elder Weight, Mickey, and Elder Richins!
Elder Bednar


March 21, 2016

Chapter 34:  A Celebrity Guest Star!

Guess what, we gotta meet Elder Bednar! 

And also Elders Christiansen and Meredith. All three of them were incredible guys. When Bednar walked in, the spirit hit ya like a freight train! I was expecting a fireside type deal were we would just sit and listen to him. But this guy was like, oh no, I ain't doin that. He made it like a question and answer session. It was really neat. He is a real funny guy. He was cracking jokes left and right. He bares an extraordinary testimony! He definitely is a true witness of the reality of Jesus Christ. The coolest moment is getting to shake there hands. I'm never washing my hand again. Haha. Definitely a sweet moment. 

This week we have been trying extremely hard to make thirty-four lessons again just to see if we could. You should have seen us Sunday, we were hitting up everybody we knew and could find. It was actually funny. We were doing extremely well and I got a little cocky. I started realizing it when everybody we tried to visit just wasn't home. I then apologized to the Lord and ask for his help and thanked him for his help then everybody started coming out of nowhere and we had amazing lessons! We ended up getting 40 LESSONS!!! that was totally awesome. The lesson is don't forget who helps you in everything. In reality we are nothing. God makes us everything. 

My brothers and sisters I am grateful for this chance I have had to speak with you today. Before I close my talk I want to conclude with my testimony. I know this church is true and I know that the book of Mormon is the true word of God. I know that there are prophets and apostles on earth today and that I got to meet one of them this week.  

I love y'all and hope for the best.

Take care,

Elder Weight

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