Tuesday, January 26, 2016

cat hunting

January 11, 2016

Chapter 24: Leading the Charge

Hey hey hey! It's not quite fat Albert but I'm getting there😬

So let me take you on a journey to the land of Tennessee, where we teach people and go cat hunting.

This week has been very different then the rest of them. Lots of things that made it crazy, but in a fun way. We had an epic district meeting. It was very unusual because we held funeral services in the Winchester funeral home. And the person who died was....ELDER HUNSAKER!? 

Yes sir. It's a tradition that the last district meeting of the departing missionary they take a funeral picture. When a missionary comes out he/she is "born" and when they go home they "die". So tomorrow Elder Hunsaker dies. We then had an exchange this week with our very own Jasper elders. I was able to have Elder Roth with me and we did really well. We were able to teach four lessons that day and they were solid. They were really amazing! I'm telling you, part member families is were it is at. This man said that he would soon join the Mormon church and he wants us to come back every week to meet with him now! Now is this guy prepared or what? During the lesson I felt like we should teach in brief the plan of salvation. Afterwards we find out the man lost two brothers and to know that he will see him again meant the world to him. Once again, I'm glad I listened. I have learned that when we listen, we get better at it. So I encourage you to listen really close, because when you act on what you hear, it gets much easier in the future to hear what is being whispered to you.

We got a really exciting call Friday evening from He mission president. That call was for both me and Elder Roth. He called Elder Roth to be a trainer right out of training and me the Altamont District Leader. We both were freaking out the whole car ride back to jasper. I know for sure now that God does NOT call the qualified, he QUALIFIES the called. Especially in my case. It should be great though. We have a great district and they are really a great bunch. Like I said to Elder Hunsaker, There are still good times ahead.

I have been trying to blend in with the locals here. I now am an avid cat hunter and have flannel lumberjack shirts and hats. I blend right in...except for not having a beard. 

My new companion is Elder Overfield. He is just getting out of training and I will be greenie busting him. I get to meet the fella tomorrow. 
Today we are taking Elder Hunsaker to say goodbye to everyone. He says every day how fast the mission goes by. He isn't joking, it's ridiculous how fast it goes. 1/4 of mine is sacked away now. It seems literally like yesterday it just started. My favorite quote is from our very own Elder Snow...

"The advice I have to give is to cherish every moment. Embrace every moment. Laugh at yourself. Don't kick yourself in the butt too much. And most importantly, be happy. I have to say that's what really shapes your mission and your future."- Matthew Snow 

I agree 100%. It's hard to be happy when it seems you have nothing going for you, but it is possible. Just think of all your blessings! There is so much to be happy about. We just need to open our eyes wider. 
I must be off but I love you my friends and family. Be good and may your fondest dreams come to pass.

Elder Weight~

Elder Hunsaker's funeral

exchanges with Elder Roth

Our room.  Elder Roth fell asleep.

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