Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Anyone Ever Heard of the Legend of the Smelly Tree???

So my companion told me this strange story that there was a tree in the MTC campus that smelled. ( his cousin told him and he had know idea) Anyway if you looked closely you could see two missionaries awkwardly walking up to every tree smelling it. Finally, we found it and it smelled really good!  It was like a cream soda/vanilla smell.  Then we noticed every body little by little would go up and smell the tree... the legend of the smelly tree is quite popular among our district and even outside of it. One time, we walked up and smelled a different tree to see if it smelled good as well but it didn't. Then these two sisters looked at us funny and we thought they thought we were weirdos. But then they said,  "Oh are you looking for the tree that smells good?" The smelly tree is now an MTC landmark....love you bye.   

July 25, 2015

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