Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Elder Weight Arrives in Nashville, Tennessee!

July 27, 2015

This was an amazing day for our family, because we were able to talk to Elder Weight on the phone! Since Adam didn't let us know when he would be flying out, we went about our business as usual. We went to the gym and no sooner did we set up for our weightlifting class, but Elder Weight called us!  We ran out of the class as fast as we could.  Everyone thought there was some horrific emergency.  While outside the gym, we accidently lost his call trying to add another line to the call. We frantically tried calling him back and with a huge sigh of relief, we were able to reach him.  We raced home with Adam on the phone and got the whole family in the car so everyone could talk to him.  We only had just 15 precious minutes total and it was the best 15 minutes ever!

Thanks to Sister Huddleston, the Branch President's wife, we received our first picture of our son in his first area, Livingston, Tennessee!  He is with Elder's Richins and Snow.

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