Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Chapter 3:  The Days Turn to Months


Elder Weight at the Nashville, Tennessee Temple

August 17, 2015

This week has been quite the week! It started with a hike on P-day with
other Elders from Jamestown to Standing Stone State Park. Super
beautiful! I learned three things on that hike. 1. Tennessee is one of
the most beautiful states ever! 2. Hikes take longer when you get
lost... 3. Hiking makes missionaries VERY tired..... after that we
went to the Koehlers and unloaded lumber with nails in it from a truck
and cleaned horsey poo! Yay! After that long day me and Elder Richins
felt like we were going to die. 

We also went to the temple this week!
It's so cool here and it is a tiny tiny tiny temple. The church next
to it is twice as big as the temple itself! It is so beautiful there.
I hated to leave it. Apparently before I came here the county fair was
going on. The missionaries set up a booth and had people fill out a
survey and basically asked people if they wanted to know more about
the church. From this we got about 100 so now we have about 200
investigators total. We haven't been doing much tracting...The rest of
the week we have been going around and trying to see the fair
referrals. We went on a lot of exchanges and broke the record for
members present in lessons in Livingston with 17! Crazy. That's really
what we've been doing lately. 

It's a weird to think I've been out here
a month. These days really blend together. It all just feels like one
big day. I'm excited because later today I am going on a three day
exchange with the district leader up in Tompkinsville, Kentucky!
Hopefully I can find turtleman but if not I will settle for Neil. We
are trying our best out here and are hoping that everything is going
well for everybody back home. Love you guys!

Elder Weight~


Here is a picture while hiking Standing Stone Park.

Here is another couple of Standing Stone Park photos.

 A giant frog we found outside a members house.

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