Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July 25, 2015

Good day 'yal.  I have been having quite the enlightening experience. My companion and I got the chance to teach lessons here. Some a tricky because half of them are on Skype. It can be challenging   because you can't give them anything or have them read for you. Although we did get some of our investigators to download the gospel library which came in handy when using Skype. (they don't tell us if they are already members or not.)  My foot is getting better. Its a bit challenging trying to find time to clean it because the schedule is so precise.  My roommates are pretty funny guys. They tell me I have a soothing voice and sometimes when they cannot sleep I talk to them about random things. I did talk about rocks and told some Jim gaffigan  jokes and it worked. My flight to Tennessee for Monday is going to be a little strange. We are flying to Atlanta for how ever long that takes then we take a ten minute flight to Nashville. Not sure why but  oh well.  Teaching people is challenging but it is a beautiful experience watching people change even in the short few days I have been here. We had a devotional and William R Walker spoke. afterwards I went up and shook his hand and I asked him if he remembered the cultural celebration. He said, "Yes and that he liked it so much that's why he talked about it in conference!"  It was cool meeting him. I also got to semi-celebrate pioneer day. There was one missionary who was from Canada and he didn't believe in pioneer day so the other elders tried to help him not be a pioneer scrooge and eventually he changed.One night me and the people in my room were talking and we talked about all the things we were going to miss like music, movies(star wars) and mostly family. After a moment, we thought about if we never went on a mission think about how  much we would have missed there. You would regret it for the rest of your life.  We also talked about how the apostles have that witness of Jesus Christ. I remember a story that Bro. Cardon shared once. He asked a general authority that question and he told him to pray as if Christ was standing in front of you. I've tried it and it is one of the most special experiences I could ever hope to have.  Being on a mission is wonderful and i'm just in the training center! I have felt more of God's love, not just for me but for everyone, while being out here. I know he lives, I know he loves us and I get the chance to tell let everyone else know that also. You are in my prayers and I love you alot! I encourage you all to pray and if you already do that keep doing it until your knees are purple from kneeling so much. May your fondest dreams come to pass and may God bless you!

Elder Adam Weight~    

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