Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Elder Weight's First "REAL" Letter...MTC Update!

July 21, 2015

Hey everyone!  It's good to finally get a chance to write again.  So far my stay has been very satisfactory.  The food is good and it's nice to have 24 hour access to powerade (the blue kind is the best.)  Anyway, unfortunately I have to go to a doctor's appointment in a few minutes to get an ingrown toenail taken care of.  Nothing major, but not exactly fun.  I really love the spirit and how strong it has been every day.  We are teaching three investigators and just yesterday we challenged one to be baptised and he said yes!!! (Some are members, but they won't tell us if they are all real members or not but I hope they aren't because how cool would that be if they were the real deal!.)  Time is very elusive here.  It's been 6 days since I arrived and it already feels like I've been here 6 months! (no kidding).  Me and My companion, Elder Tolman ( who is comparatively incredible to all the others Elders) and I joined the choir.  It is the most empowering feeling to sing with all the Elders and Sisters.  It seriously sounds like angels!  I need to go now, but I will for sure get to everyone next week.  I will be calling from the SLC airport next wednesday, so don't miss it, Mom and Dad! I love you all and may God be with you.
Elder Adam Weight~     

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