Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Elder Weight's First Letter From Tennessee!

August 3, 2015

Livingston reminds me of long winded from baptists at our barbecue...people and all.  Anyway hey everyone!i do love it here. It's ssooooo pretty here. The complete opposite of Arizona. It is very much of a change from going to a large church building with a lot of members to going to church in a refurbished commercial building with about fifty people. Teaching is a bit challenging here though. This town is mostly oldies set in there ways. This place is like Utah except every church on the corner is baptist, Pentacostal, Church of Christ or something like that. We have done more service than teaching so far. My first day we drove out to this person's farm a mucked horse stalls. Take a guess at what that means? To some that would be sad, but I strangely enjoyed it. Horses are cool creatures though. I really enjoy how open people are about talking about religion. If you do that in the west it gets  uncomfortable. Yay south! Speaking of south the food here is crazy  good. They don't really believe in vegetables though and when they serve them they are usually breaded and fried in lard... Deep fried.  Everything is deep fried. Good for you? No. Tasty? YEAH!!!   I really like my companions. My trainer is Elder Richins. He is skinny and blonde. He reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite. He even sounds like him too. Elder Snow is my other companion. He is a large guy with brownish black hair from Utah. He is a Disney fanatic. He loves everything Disney. He used to live by Disneyland and go all the time. He can quote all the movies and knows all the secrets. He can even quote word for word the narrator guy on the Mickey and friends team to the park! My trainer is very patient with me. Teaching is hard to do. Harder then I thought. I want to be a great teacher, but it isn't coming to me very fast. One thing I've learned while being here is patience especially for myself. We can be our worst enemies at times biting know God doesn't want it like that. He wants us to do our best and try, learn more, fail even, because that's how we grow. You try, you fail, you try, you fail. The only real failure is when you stop trying. The spirit speaks to all the lords missionaries and I know he speaks to even me. There are good people here. I love them already. And this is just the beginning! I challenge you all to read the scriptures, pray like you mean it,have that rock. Because the day will come where you need to have that testimony. Don't get caught in the storm without your umbrella.  I love you all and hope you got my photos. Thanks for the packages and letters and emails. They mean a lot to me and it makes it feel like you are right here with me. Thanks for everything. I love you all more than you can comprehend. May the Lord bless you all! Elder Weight~

One of our investigators described modern day music. It sounds like a metal barrel filled with monkeys and somebody is beating it with a stick.  Also, it isn't breakfast, lunch and dinner, it's breakfast dinner and supper. Lunch is like a light snack between breakfast and dinner. He also said to keep your eyes open, your mind open, and use some common sense. I found out that this is actually the strictest mission in the world. Not a joke.  The animals are crazy cool. Lots of big bugs. Some I've never seen before. Every night there is a little frog on our door. I hope you got the pictures I've sent.  I love you all so much.  Tell Emily and Allison that I miss them and love them a "Norwegian llama" sized amount of love. I hope they are stepping up and helping at home. If not I will send them a box of the Tennessee state bird, the giant mosquito. Tell Matthew that he is a great bro and that his big brother will be back soon and that he is trying to make him and the family and God proud. Thanks for all your love. I hope I can hear back from you and get pictures from you also. 

Adam Weight
Your loving son~

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