Sunday, September 11, 2016

August 22, 2016

Chapter 56: Pig

Hey my friends and family,.

So this is gonna have to be quick again, sorry about that..

So the main thing that has happened is that we are now in a trio! We picked up our greenie on Tuesday. His name is Elder Carlson. He is from Seattle. Well, Renton Washington but close enough. He is really solid. He knows alot and is super bold and brave. Just the way we need 'em. The other great news is that our finding rate is going up. We found three people each day unlike last week where we found probably 3 people total last week. Other then that not much has happened really. We are planning later on to have a cool Fireside about Jesus on October 9th so more about that later. 
So sorry for not much info. I will try to find more to write about later. 
Sure love ya! 
Elder Weight
About to conquer the jungles of Tennessee...

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