Sunday, September 11, 2016

July 18, 2016

Chapter 51: God Answers Prayers

Man, what even happened this week... It's all just a blur. I'll do my best to tell y'all what went down. 

So the beginning of the week was pretty alright. Nothing crazy happened. The only thing that was supposed to happen was MLC but that got pushed back to Thursday because president had to go to the hospital with my old companion Elder Powell. He busted his leg and had to head on home. Don't worry, he'll be coming back to finish up. We were finally able to have district meeting now after all the conferences so I got to finally meet some of our missionaries. We've got some good ones here and we are all in it to git 'er dun! So that was one of the highlights for that day. The rest of the day consisted of tracting some more and going to about three different bathrooms repeatedly because we had taco bell for lunch. Thursday was MLC. It was weird headed towards Nashville from the other side. The east side is where the ghetto is at so it was like being in Altamont again but not as many trees. We talked about using the ward council and getting member help which is right on the money for us so booyah. 

I've got to tell you about the two main highlights from the week. The first was we got to teach one of our progressing investigators in a members home and the lesson went way well and he came to church and loved it! Yes! Prayer answered. The other was... Well...the only thing me and Elder Basham can explain it as is interesting. We tracked this one side of the street and had no luck so two days later we come back and do the other side. We had already had a rough day because our lessons fell through. We began tracting the street and people were jerks. This one guy especially yelled some pretty cruel stuff. After that I just felt like we needed to pray so we stopped in the road and said a prayer and the prayer was as simple as, please help us do some good here on this street today. We kept going and didn't get any answers. Then as we kept walking we found this guy and girl working on a vehicle. We ran over and asked if they need help and they accepted. The guy was so thankful he said he was definitely going to be in church on Sunday and that he knew God sent us to him. The guy didn't live in town but we talked about the church and gave him a pamphlet and the church website. He said he'd check it out. Right there was the answer to prayer. God answered it really quick. Even though it was simple we were able to help in a way that I loved. The rest of the street was full of ups and downs. We had people tell us to leave and keep walking and then, my personal favorite, we knocked on the door and the guy on the other side knocked back. Every time we knocked he would do it back to us. He never answered so we just walked away laughing. 
So I have one reminder and one lesson learned. 
Reminder: prayers are always answered.
Lesson learned: appreciate the tender mercies.

Life consists of ups and downs. Sometimes we forgot that even the good times we need to remember the Lord. As we take the sacrament each week, we promise to always remember him that we may have his spirit to be with us. What a simple yet profound promise. If we feel an absence of the spirit maybe it's because we are not remembering him enough or at all. I testify to each of you that the spirit is real, God is real and Jesus Christ is our savior. We have prayed that this area would experience a great change in the right direction and we would have the opportunity to teach mire people and slowly but surely we have. We have been fine ding new people and things are going to be much better. God answers prayers. That's it. End of story.
I love y'all. Keep on keeping.

Git 'er Dun,
Elder Weight~
(my new saying I've picked up is git er dun)

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