Sunday, September 11, 2016

July 25, 2016

Chapter 52: Kentucky

Hey y'all, it's been awhile. Some pretty interesting stuff went down this week so listen up!
This week we had the opportunity to do an exchange with the Russellville Elders. I got the chance to go up to Kentucky for a few days with Elder McCoy. I was pretty excited because Russellville is like he Kentucky version of Livingston so I was ready for small towns and farms again. Booyah! I also got to ride my bike again which is something I desperately needed to do. The first day we rode bikes it completely down poured on us for two or three hours. It was intense. A couple times ere were lightning strikes so close to us and thunder so unbelievably loud that it freaked us out. So we were riding through this wet field at this park and decided to go under the pavilion with these other guys. We sat there for a minute and I started talking to them and before they had to leave we were talking about the church. We never did give them anything because they're ride came to get them. But you never know how a small and simple seed like that could grow one day.
To be honest that's the thing that has hit me the most this week. You never know what could happen. We tracked a lot in Russellville and in Clarksville this week and when we handed the Book of Mormon to people they had to go or shut the door right quick. This one instance this guy came out and we taught him the whole restoration and he loved it but he said he was leaving Monday to go to Iraq for the military. That bummed me out alittle. We also so this less active family and taught them and the wife had a friend over and we asked her if she's heard of the church before and come to find out she's a return missionary visiting from Gatlinburg. We even tracked into this guy who so kindly invited us in which was weird and taught him and even helped him and his wife move they're fridge but they weren't all that interested in having us back. After all those attempts to teach and find new people and it never seemed to work out, it got us alittle down. But you never know how much good comes from your efforts. Preach my gospel says no effort is wasted. God makes the most of every attempt made by us. 
But to finish up what happened in Russellville , we found some new people and we did service on a members farm. Picked some corn, shucked some corn, fed some catfish, fed some horses. It was all good. Even if I got some cow mess on me it was worth it. 
Also had zone conference. First time I role played infront of everyone like that. 
One of the best parts of the week was that Sean came back to church and loved it. He is making friends with the members and even the bishop. He is coming along really well and he is making great progress. We also have been finding some new people! Praise the lord on that one. Even though some of them dropped us it's okay. We're still pluggin' away. 
On a side not we have been getting a lot of people questioning Joseph smith. That's the south's biggest problem is Joseph Smith. People seem to believe everything we teach except him. I do have to admit, there's a lot of shady things in the church history that can make people question. But we know threw prayer we can find answers. So Elder Basham and I have been trying to gain a stronger testimony of Joseph Smith. I know that he did many great things in helping the church get were it needed to be today. He suffered a lot of crud to Dod it to. That has to mean something, right? Right.

Well it's time to get back on the trail, but I love y'all. My thoughts and prayers are with ya. Keep walking on.

Sure love ya,
Elder Weight

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