Sunday, September 11, 2016


August 6, 2016

Chapter 53: Just Swing

Today was the day I realized that instead of counting how long I've been out I now start counting how long I have left. Seriously, where did the time go? I could have sworn I had another two years left. These next 11 months are gonna be intense. Gotta make 'em count.

This last Monday I played basketball for the first time in ages with other missionaries. We actually have people close by! The only problem is I forgot that I'm terrible at basketball. So we then played volleyball which was cool because we were all terrible at that. Haha. We got to go on exchanges with the Elders in Sango. I got to take Elder Jessop back here with me and git 'er dun. We had a difficult time because all of our planned appointments got canceled so we were kinda freaking out abit because we weren't sure what to do. However after a lot of praying I remembered a story I had heard about golfing. It's a long story but the moral of the story is you will have more fun if you just go out and start swinging and not focus so much on being perfect at getting the technique down. So we applied that to our day and we just "started swinging" . Lots of tracting was done but in the end we found the coolest lady who was immensely happy to see us. She said she wanted to read the Book of Mormon and she didn't know where to get one. We handed one to her and I swear she almost cried. Gods plans are better then ours. So what I learned was when everything falls to peices, go out and just swing.

I also got to learn alot about being saved. It's funny because if your read the salvation section in true to the faith, it is specifically for the South almost. Have you been Saved?! We can respond with a "yes, but on conditions." We are all saved and unsaved in different ways. We are saved from death automatically because of Jesus but we are not saved in the kingdom of God until after judgement and prove by our works that we have been fitted and tested to belong there. So yes and yes we are and can be saved.

I also had a neat experience after reading the talk given by elder Anderson about faith in 2015. My answer to my questions on Joseph Smith were answered after reading that. He says that faith in something doesn't come out of nowhere. Faith is by choice, not by chance. You have to happen the desire to belive and hope it is true before you can find out that it is. So that can be applied to Anything! You gotta want it. But now I can truly say the Joseph Smith is a prophet and all the things that he did were for the good of the church. The book of Mormon is absolutely true. No doubt about it. 
How cool it is that I can say that with even more power. I knew it before but I know it even better.

I sure love all y'all. Never loose your country spirit. 
Git 'er dun.
Sure love ya,

Elder Weight~

Two random things that were cool. We saw a ton of deer this week and I may or may not have chased one with the car and I had five guys for the first time. Way good.

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