Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 5, 2016
Chapter 58: The Week I Lost my Mind.
Alrighty ladies and gents, be prepared for some good ole stories!
And for the record, I didn't loose my mind because you can't loose something you never had. 

So this week was filled with all sorts of meetings and as the designated driver, that means lots of driving!!( Driving wears you out!) first up we had our MLC conference with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders down in Nashville. That was a drive!  Nashville rush hour is evil. We had some really good trainings and lots of great changes being,adequate in the mission by President Stone. He's the best thing since sliced bread. We then got to see the new mission home. It's in Brentwood which is one of the richest places in the world. The home looks like a castle, no kidding. He funny part of the day is we have split companion leaders going on so the STLs are in two different companionships and we had to send Elder Carlson on an exchange. The problem was nobody had the phones to get ahold of each other's companions so Elder Basham and I were stuck on our front porch in the heat for a good two hours. We all literally went crazy. True torture as a missionary is having to sit and do nothing. Finally we got everything situated and everyone got back safely. We then sent Elder Carlson off to Nashville and got One of our Assistants for the day. We had a good time with him and we got to prepare some trainings. Thursday we had a very hot and sweaty zone meeting in Kentucky, I say hit and sweaty because the AC was tore up( country slang for busted). I have my training which was good, Elder Basham gave his, which was better, and then the sisters gave theirs which was best. We then went back to Tennessee. Friday was weekly planning and then Saturday was the one normal day we had! Yes! But in the end we actually were able to teach some people. Our baptism dates all fell through. Yeah I know, it's sad...BUT! We found 4 children in less active families that want to be baptised! Goldmine! So that is quite the blessing. And the dates we had aren't gone forever, they just need some time. They will be redeemed soon. I am so happy though that I get to represent my savior here in this area. Even if we don't teach and baptize everyone we see and seem to struggle in the hard times, at least I get to represent Jesus Christ and wear his name. That's good enough for me. 
I love y'all and I thank you for thinkin of me and cheerin me on. It's well appreciated. 
Take care and sure love ya,
Elder Weight

Zone Meeting

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