Sunday, September 11, 2016


August 31, 2016

Chapter 57: After the Trial of our Faith

My wonderful friends and family,

This week was filled with all sorts of wild and interesting events. It was also a pretty trying week. But it is on these weeks that we grow the most. 

Earlier this week we went to stake Correlation in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and met with President Craig. He is awesome. This stake has come a long way and is getting better and better. We also talked about great deal about our missionaries. Sometimes I feel bad because I think I love our missionaries more then our investigators at times. It's hard not to. I love the missionaries we get to serve with here in Hopkinsville Zone. We didn't get back to our area until 8:30 or so and Correlation ate our whole day. we had planned to go visit a less active member and had just enough to time to go and visit them. But something even better happened. We found this young guy at the house the less active was supposed to be at. Apparently there never was a less active who lived there. We talked to go Skylar, the young guy, and we invited him to read the book of Mormon and he said he would be down. Layer in the week we went over and taught him the restoration lesson. We invited him to be baptised and he said he would. He is actually sincere in doing it. At the end he said the most beautiful and heartfelt prayer I've ever heard. We were all almost in tears. Answers to prayer most definitely. God us way good. This young man was the answer and best reward after a long and hard week. I am grateful to God that we found this guy at the last minute on a Tuesday night. God will make up for all the lost time you put in to doing His work. No effort is wasted if the effort is to do the Father's will. 

I sure love y'all. I really really do. If you don't believe it, to bad, cuz it's true. I wish I could have time to talk to each of you individually. Dont feel bad if you don't get your special Elder Weight time. In about 10 months I will try to make it up. Haha.

Sure love ya,
Elder Weight

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